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The Samaria Ultra Kayathlon Project

A one-day raid across Crete

The idea is to cross Crete in one day, from the South coast to the North coast, using only human energy. ….And we did it on the 29th August 2014!

Crete is probably the most beautiful island in the world, and its South coast is magnificent, especially because it is unaccessible, except by boat from the sea, or by foot, from the Gorges.

We thought it would feasible and exhilarating to cross Crete in one day using this route, using only our energy.

This is the Samaria Ultrakayathlon.

Starting from Loutro in kayak before sunrise, hiking/running through the Gorges of Samaria uphill, and finally, either run a Marathon or bike down to the North coast. And finish at sunset, swimming in Chania.

This year, it was a test run, and we were a tad too slow, so no one could run the last part. We biked instead. See you next year for the second edition. We will try to be faster to be able to run the last part.

And deserve and extra serving of Moussaka!!!

Then, at dawn, the 1st part is in kayak to approach the entrance of the Samaria Gorges:

13 km

The 2nd part by foot, hiking/running uphill in the Gorges:

13 km; 1250 m D+

The 3rd part by foot, or by bike (depending on the time and energy left…) to reach Chania on the North coast:

42 km; 250 m D+; 1250 m D-

And finally, have a swim in Chania at sunset, take a shower, eat and sleep.

Link to GoogleEarth file is here (Google KML)

We spend the day before in Loutro, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, at Hotel Ilios.

Samaria Ultra Kayathlon 2014

a.k.a SUK 2014

Check the video >>>