Gentle Running and Living

by Dr Patrick Salmon, PharmD, PhD

Member of the Barefoot Runners Society

Founding Member of the Tarahumara Spirit   

Be gentle

to yourself

and others!

“Life is hard enough to add extra suffering to it”. We propose here a way to build a stronger, healthier and happier self through gentle running. Then, this “ascetic hedonism” can be translated into several aspects of life, to humbly contribute to a better world.

First of all, buy yourself a nice equipment.

The idea is that, when you feel unmotivated, all you will need is to put it on so you will feel better and ready to go, at least for 20 minutes or so.

What you need is:

The Gentle Guide to become a joyful Runner

My Checklist of Tips for beginners

Here is a video of Prof. Daniel Lieberman that summarizes Gentle Running.

My Core Advice to Beginners and all runners

And the ultimate Advice to Beginners and all runners

Second, if you do not run at all, or did not run for a long time, it will be stupid to start running the wrong way.

So, here is the checklist to start running correctly:

Here is a Youtube video that summarizes these simple points:

Natural running, i.e. correct running, is that simple. You just use gravity to move forward, your feet gently touching the ground under your center of gravity, to avoid falling forward.

In fact, correct running is just controlled falling.

Your speed only depends on the angle from your ankles.

You are now running exactly like the best runners in the world! You have the same style, the same cadence, the same posture. Only the speed is different !

If you have arrived here, you are intrigued about how it could be fun to run.

Here is why:

If your memory of running when you were a kid feels like this movie, you will enjoy gentle running.

Because gentle running eliminates all the useless pain and suffering of “traditional” running.

Because running should be like this:

Certainly not like this:

And even less like that:

Now that you are running, what is next?