Gentle Running and Living

by Dr Patrick Salmon, PharmD, PhD

Member of the Barefoot Runners Society

Founding Member of the Tarahumara Spirit   

Be gentle

to yourself

and others!

“Life is hard enough to add extra suffering to it”. We propose here a way to build a stronger, healthier and happier self through gentle running. Then, this “ascetic hedonism” can be translated into several aspects of life, to humbly contribute to a better world.

Here is a selection of links to Youtube videos that are either funny or very good didactical material for Natural Running.

I made this page especially for people who prefer videos over boring texts. Enjoy!

Check the this page often, I update it regularly.

Gentle, funny and informative videos about Natural Running

The perfect running Style

Female version

The perfect running Style

Check this guy. His stride is so smooth, thus is efficiency is maximal. Do not fight the trail. Ease into it.

Easiness of Natural Running

Male version

By Prof Lieberman from Harvard, simply.

Natural Running explained...

By Steven Sashen from Xeroshoes.

Shit Barefoot Runners say

By Steven Sashen from Xeroshoes.

Shit shod runners say to Barefoot Runners

By Dr Mark... All is there...

Basics of Natural Running

Another short tutorial