Gentle Running and Living

by Dr Patrick Salmon, PharmD, PhD

Member of the Barefoot Runners Society

Founding Member of the Tarahumara Spirit   

Be gentle

to yourself

and others!

“Life is hard enough to add extra suffering to it”. We propose here a way to build a stronger, healthier and happier self through gentle running. Then, this “ascetic hedonism” can be translated into several aspects of life, to humbly contribute to a better world.

Sūryanamaskāra (Salute to the Sun)

This yoga sequence is the ABC of Yoga and is good for inner peace, bowel health. It is also an invaluable stretching routine for runners. Practice GENTLY and SLOWLY every day in the morning, 5 to 10 cycles.


Postures 4 and 9 (left knee or right knee) are excellent to stretch core muscles of runners (psoas, quads, as well as all muscle and tendon groups involved in pubalgia).

Postures 5 and 8 are excellent to stretch the posterior muscles and tendons, especially calf muscles and Achilles’ tendons which are most used by Natural  Runners.

Postures 2, 3, 10 and 11 are exellent for the back.

Posture 7 is excellent to stretch the psoas (ideal for runners). Postures 6 and 7 are excellent for bowel hygiene. Actually, the whole Salute to the Sun is excellent for bowel movement.

More on health benefits of Yoga

Super Brain Yoga:

a 3-minute daily routine you can give a try.

To stretch the Piriformis muscle, you can also try the Half-Pigeon Yoga pose as well these 2 other exercises.