Gentle Running and Living

by Dr Patrick Salmon, PharmD, PhD

Member of the Barefoot Runners Society

Founding Member of the Tarahumara Spirit   

Be gentle

to yourself

and others!

“Life is hard enough to add extra suffering to it”. We propose here a way to build a stronger, healthier and happier self through gentle running. Then, this “ascetic hedonism” can be translated into several aspects of life, to humbly contribute to a better world.

The PS - Kousmine - Budwig Cream

Ingredients (choose organics)

Optimized by PS

I have made several modifications to the original recipe to incorporate new dietary recommendations.

The low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese or yogurt has been replaced by Ewe Milk yogurt. This is to avoid industrial cow dairy products which are nowadays an ecological disaster and are often imbalanced in polyunsaturated fats (too much omega-6, too few omega-3). Why? Because most cows on Earth are not grass-fed. Also fat-free dairy has now been proven useless and even bad for your health. So go for full fatty dairies (see below Dr Phil and The Diet Doctor). But if you like cow yogurt, favor the Greek yogurt, more fat, less lactose.

Walnut and Rapeseed oils instead of flaxseed oil. Why? Because flaxseed oil has huge amounts of omega-3 and too much omega-3 can reduce inflammation to such an extent that it can lead to immuno-depression. Also, flaxseed oil, even in the fridge, can rapidly oxydize and become toxic. So, leave it to sewing machines. For rapeseed oil, it can contain a  toxic component (eruric acid). Make sure it is from the latest cultivars and organic. Also, since some rapeseed oils are made with a solvant-extraction process, in that case you can also leave it to bio-diesel and choose cold-pressed walnut oil instead.

Chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds is super food in term of nutritional value. Same now for freshly ground flaxseeds.

Finally, I removed the honey since we have enough sugars in our daily diet, to make us all sugar-intoxicated. So every opportunity to cut on sugar must be seized.

Make sure to prepare it fresh. Ground seeds will rapidly oxydize and lose important nutrition value. Also, keep your walnut  and rapeseed oils in the fridge to prevent oxydization of omega-3 fatty acids.

Make sure all is organic. If you replace bad industrial food, make sure your oils and fruits are not loaded with pesticides

Also, try to avoid cow products for your health and the planet. Check this link.

Try to avoid GMO. Being GMO is not bad in itself. It is because it allows the use of the Glyphosate herbicid, which is now known to be poisonous to animals.

What they mainly provide

A meal in itself

This magical breakfast brings you all you need in terms of nutrients and micro-nutrients. It was developed by Dr Kousmine and Dr Budwig in the 50’s and modified by myself.

I have adapted the Budwig Cream Recipe to the new dietary guidelines that show that counting calories is stupid, and replacing fat by carbs is responsible for the global epidemic spread of obesity and diabetes type 2 over the last 40 years.

My site is now largely inspired by the work of Phil Maffetone (Dr Phil) and Andreas Eenfeldt (The Diet Doctor).